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Saturday July 20th, 2013 marked the date for a very special event. Local TV show, Estudio Deportivo (Monday nights at 9:00PM on Telemundo Punto 2), presented the Celebrity Fashion Night event at Hotel Verdanza in Isla Verde.

The event kicked off in the hotel’s lobby to the sound of violins and cellos, as well as visual entertainment by the AMAZING aerial acrobats Anaís and José from Compañía Sub Cielo (Seriously, I can’t even begin to stress how amazing they were, so GO check them out!). Afterwards, we all headed over to the main conference room to witness the fashion show. The event brought many current and legendary sports stars together with a select group of local designers to give us a show like no other. In order to raise funds and awareness to the Puerto Rico Special Olympics, all the athletes debuted as models, walking the runway with completely original designs.

Among the group of over 40 athletes trained by former Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Uma Blasini, we could find our boxing champion, Felix “Tito” Trinidad, “El Nene” Sánchez,  baseball legends Barry Bonds, Orlando “Peruchín” Cepeda, Tany Pérez, Juan Marichal, Luis Rodríguez Olmo, Carlos Baerga, Bernie Williams, basketball legend Raúl Tinajón Feliciano, Renaldo Balkman, Angelita Lind, Peco González, Iván Calderón, Stephanie Enright, among others. The event also counted with other celebrities, like actress (and the show’s co-host) Cecilia Argüelles, Shanira Blanco, Geraldine Fernández, Billy Van, Jessica Christina, Marcos Irizarri and musical legend, Humberto Ramírez.

The after party, held at the ballroom at Hotel Verdanza’s second floor, kicked off with a flash dance done by a group of girls, with a musical medley spanning decades. Later on, we were graced by the musical talents of the legendary Humberto Ramírez, who was joined onstage by Jessica Christina, and later by baseball legend Bernie Williams on guitar. To close the night, we were witness to a special tribute and homage to baseball legend, Orlando “Peruchín” Cepeda, with a plaque handed to him by none other than Barry Bonds.

The next day we headed out early to the Trump International Golf Course in Rio Grande for the Celebrity Golf Day, a tournament held to further raise funds and awareness for the Puerto Rico Special Olympics. It was a nice family event where 9 teams competed for different prizes. Carlos Baerga, Tany Pérez, Julio Cesar Sanabria and Billy Van, who sang a set with his plena group, were among the attending celebrities.

Both events were an astounding success, which leads me to believe that these productions will only keep getting better and better. As I was officially filming the event for the show (and I may have heard something about a DVD coming out… shhhh!), I mostly shot behind the scenes pictures… So until the official event pictures and videos come out, that’s all you’re getting.

If you like, then go support the show… Watch ESTUDIO DEPORTIVO on every Monday night at 9 on Telemundo Punto Dos… and stay tuned to their pages for all the official videos, pictures and the inside scoop about these and future events!


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